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Apex Marine Services LLC is a full service mobile marine company specializing in most if not all aspects of the marine industry allowing us to be able to service the needs of any boater.  Our factory trained and certified technicians have a wide range of boating experience and are well adept at installing, maintaining, repairing or upgrading your boating systems. We are a 21st Century Marine Company for the 21st Century Marine customer. From the smallest and simplest fixes to complete engine overhauls we at Apex Marine have you covered.


Weather on the east coast can be brutal. Shrink wrapping protects your boat, jet ski, classic car, heavy machinery, motor homes, leaky roofs, sheds, home remodels or additions, motorcycle, hot tub, greenhouse, aircraft and ATV's from the elements. Rain, snow and moisture are the east coasts worst enemies. Mold can take hours to remove, and can also be dangerous to breath. Rain causes rust, which takes even longer to remove and can compromise any metallic structure. Heavy snow can add additional stress and cause tremendous damage.  Dry rot and water intrusion are the most common way to ruin a boat fast. Why not prevent this from ever starting? Shrink wrapping saves you time and money in the long run! 

Shrink wrap is a type of thermoplastic called polyethylene. Polyethylene is an excellent, durable plastic that will protect from harmful UV rays, leaves, dirt, rain, and snow leaving your shrink wrapped item completely protected from almost any element. Shrink wrap will shrink up to 25% of its total area leaving a very tight protective plastic cover great for weatherization, storage, or long distance transportation. All standard shrink wrap is fire resistant up to 600 degrees F. Our company also offers three specialty shrink wraps; Fire Retardent Wrap, Anti-Microbial Wrap, and Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) Wrap in varying thicknesses and tinsel strengths for even the worst of winters . es  Shrink rap

Apex Coverings  and Marine Services offers three types of standard thermoplastic wrap and three types of specialty thermoplastic wraps. Standard shrink wraps come in various colors for different types of applications. Blue wrap is used for extreme winter conditions. Blue wrap absorbs more heat helping to melt any snow layers on top of the wrap. White wrap reflects heat, keeping the wrapped item underneath a consistent temperature keeping moisture to a minimum. We also offer a clear wrap. Clear wrap is used mainly to cover greenhouses, live aboards, and brokerage vessels. Clear wrap is more susceptible to moisture build up due to the sun's ability to penetrate the wrap. Special care must be taken when using clear wrap. 

Apex Coverings and Marine Services also offers specialty thermoplastics, fire retardant wrap, anti-microbial wrap, and a Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) wrap. Flame retardant wrap IS flammable at extremely high temperatures but puts itself out in less than 5 seconds after the source of ignition has been removed, making it a great application for construction sites, ship yards, and factories. Our FR wrap remains actively resistant throughout duration of use. Our anti-microbial wrap protects any surface it touches from mold and mildew for the entire lifetime of the wrap. The anti-microbial wrap is so effective it will even kill e coli. Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) wrap protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion up to two years from installation.

 Will The Shrink Wrap Last?

The shrink wrap can last from six months to two years. After the two year mark, the shrink wrap starts to lose its UV inhibitors and requires removal and installation.

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